Mike Teodorescu

Mike has been playing music since the mid-80’s, but currently lays down the beat for SoulQuest.  From 2003 - 2010, you could find Mike playing drums for the classic rock band NPO, then during 2010 performing with his hard rock band The Klik, and the harder rock band Overdrive.  Between 2005 and 2010, Mike played bass for the country band South of 69.  He once played keys for lost 80's rock band, Rockway. Even though a gifted drummer, Mike still dreams of being a lead guitarist.  An appreciator of good music and humor, Mike studied ‘air drums’ with the great Tibetan Yogi HeaVStix.

 Claim to Fame:

When he’s not playing with SoulQuest, Mike makes and refinishes guitars and drums. 

 Musical Heroes:

Dean Martin, David Lee Roth, Tom Jones, Elvis, Joe Satriani, Prince, Stanton Moore, Johnny Carson,

and most of all his friend, Tom Nistor (1970 SCARAB drummer).


Mike was born “overseas” in Milwaukee, WI, grew up in Livonia, and now lives in Macomb.

 “I love the HIGH of playing with 'live' horns!  Bring the FUNK, stay for the SOUL! "

Chris Murrell


Over the past dozen years or so, Chris has played in many local classic rock and blues bands and was even involved in local theatre.  He enjoys studio work and filling in for many local acts that need a bass player who can deliver on short notice. Chris has played just about every local bar, Eagles Club, and MC club in the metro Detroit area and beyond, but some of his favorite venues to play have been Detroit’s Masonic Temple, Hard Rock Cafe and Campus Martius. Chris studied bass with local players Steve Fava (Joe Fava Studios), Dan Mayer (The Sun Messengers) and local jazz great Dan Pliskow. He currently studies with Scott Devine in the UK.

 Musical Heroes:

Paul McCartney (The Beatles), James Jamison (Motown), Geddy Lee (Rush), and Chris Squire (Yes) on bass and favorite guitar players include Clapton, Beck, Hendrix, and Robin Trower.

 Home Town:

Chris was raised in the “313” but he now lives in Troy, MI.

 “The thing I like most about playing with Soul Quest is being part of a large group (I've always loved the sound of a good horn section!). In a group this size, the many individual pieces make up a great sound. The music selection is fun, and my band mates are all great. I'm proud to be associated with all of them!”

Paul Pitronik


Paul played with a band in Toledo, OH called Black Diamond for about 11 years. The band played primarily at local clubs and festivals. He took about a 20 year break from any organized band activities to raise a family and build a successful business. Now that his kids are older, he’s free to just have fun playing music. And SoulQuest is very fortunate to add his diverse talents to the group!

Musical Heroes:

Paul’s greatest influences are Steve Cropper and Keith Richards.

Home Town:

Paul is originally from Toledo, OH, and he currently lives in Huntington Woods.

“I like the music SoulQuest plays, the people in it, (both past and present!), and look forward to continuing to play as long as possible.”